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Fat Cells Shrink, But Don’t Disappear!

Inside your body are specialized cells called adipocytes. When you consume more calories than your body burns as energy (a process known as metabolism)—especially calories derived from fat and sugar—these adipocytes fill with fat.

If you experience this calorie surplus over a long enough period, these fat cells will create deposits around the body, such as the thighs and buttocks for women and the midsection for men.

On the flip side, to shrink these cells, you’ll need to eat fewer calories than your body metabolizes, which will cause it to use the stored energy found in your adipocytes.

The problem, however, is that these fat cells never go away without an invasive procedure like liposuction, so they can easily refill. This is why we tend to regain weight quickly after working so hard to lose it.

With this in mind, The Wonder Arms will help you increase muscle size and strength or reduce fat.

Will Wonder Arms Help You Get Fit?

Get fit and firm arms with just a few minutes a day with The Wonder Arms!
Perfect for all fitness levels and is perfectly easy to use. The secret is the unique dynamic resistance movement that works your biceps, triceps, shoulders and even your chest in a single session, for great results you'll hardly believe.
Feel your muscles toning and tightening as you burn calories with zero joint strains. 


  1. Unique dynamic resistance movement targets and tones hard to reach areas
  2. Burn calories while you work your triceps, biceps, shoulders
  3. Even engages your chest and back
  4. Perfect for all fitness levels from first time users to serious athletes
  5. Instant results with no joint strain



  • Material: PVC
  • Shape: Square
  • Product weight: 760g
  • Product size: 26x22x10.5cm
  • Type: fitness equipment