Wokesmart intelligent shoes deodorant

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(1)Patent ozone&anion sterilization technology kills 99.97% bacteria within 1 hour;
(2)It supports normal/strong/timing purification modes;
(3)Smart APP records all your shoes for convenient use next time;
(4)1800mAh battery allows purification of up to 27 pairs of shoes;
(5)Handheld size perfect for both home and travel use;
(6)Child lock prevents all potential risks;
(7)5-year life span makes it worth every penny.
1. Put the detachable parts of Freshoe into your shoes;
2. Put your shoes into the sterilization bag and seal up;
3. Two ways below to start purification.
★via Power Button
a. short press the power button to start normal 1-hour sterilization mode;
b. long press(3s) the power button to start strong 3-hour deodorization mode.
★via APP Control
a. Scan the QR code or search “wokesmart” to download APP in APP Store/Google Play Store;
b. Press the power button of Freshoe and turn on the Bluetooth of you device to pair and connect;
c. Add new shoes in the APP and set shoes’ name/brand/size/material/image;
d. Choose any shoes to run normal/strong/timing purification mode.
Note: APP Compatible Devices IOS 4s/newer, Android 4.3/newer