Vegi Drill

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Product Features

    • Core vegetables and fruit ready for stuffing
    • Simple to use with minimal effort
    • 4 sizes of drill ‘bit’
    • Works on both hard and soft fruit and veg
    • Dishwasher safe
  • VegiDrill Vegetable Corer


    Think baked courgettes stuffed with couscous, feta and toasted pine nuts; plump tomatoes spilling over with mozzarella and basil; roasted onions filled with spiced minced lamb and rice; baked potatoes with crispy bacon and Stilton; even apples full to the brim with nuts and raisins, topped with ice cream and dusted with cinnamon… all sounds delicious, doesn’t it? But the reality of hollowing out the veg ready for stuffing has been a lengthy and tricky task until now.

    The Vegi Drill vegetable corer makes it easy to core all manner of fruit and vegetables, hard or soft, big or small, in seconds with very little effort. With four simple-to-change corer ‘bits’, it will deal with courgettes, carrots, onions and aubergines, as well as potatoes, tomatoes and apples. And don’t let the cored bits go to waste either – use them in your soups, stuffings and stir fries. Speedy starters, impressive main courses, exotic desserts, eye-catching canapés, the Vegi Drill is set to change the way you present food forever.


    The Vegidrill is an amazing new corer for extracting the inner contents (the  core) of all vegetables  and fruits and preparing them for stuffing.