The Real Map To The Stars That Totally Glows In The Dark

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Star Map is a wonderful piece of wall art as well as  a unique, functional, and genuinely fascinating map of the  constellations. Printed on high quality paper, with a beautiful matte  finish contrasting with spot laminated design features, Star Map looks  great in the daytime. However, it's in darkness that the real magic  happens; all stars are printed with an amazing glow-in-the dark ink  which means Star Map really comes alive at night, becoming a beautiful  and unusual feature in any environment.

Made with glow in the dark ink
Beautifully designed poster
Looks great during the day and at  night
Perfect gift for budding astrologers
Shows all the constellations and  star signs
Size: 61.5x43.5cm

Package include:
1 x Glow in the Dark Constellations  Star Map