Soap Brite

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Features & Benefits:

  • Emits A Soothing Ambient Glow To Guide You Through The Night
  • Motion Sensing & Only Activates In Darkness
  • Stay-Cool LED Features 7 Different Colors To Choose From
  • Cordless & Waterproof

When it’s dark, the motion-activated Soap Brite™ emits a soothing, ambient glow to guide you through the night. The stay-cool LED features 7 different colors. There’s blue, green, red, white, and more to beautifully match every decor. Soap Brite™ will work with all liquid soaps, body and hand lotions, and even sanitizers. It’s perfect for bath gels, body washes, and you’ll love it for shampoo and conditioners too. Kids love Soap Brite™! Turn potty time into party time so they’ll always remember to wash their hands. The cordless, water-proof Soap Brite™ is great for both bathrooms and kitchens.