Snowman Ice Tray

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Much like the Yeti or Bigfoot, the Abominable Iceman is elusive, but he is seen only in drinks and by the time you go to take a picture, he is melted and the proof is gone. This Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Tray is a fun way to cool your drinks.

The tray is molded from silicone and is dishwasher safe. It will allow you to make 6 Abominable Ice men at once. They make your drink all paranormal and mysterious.

Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Tray

  • Molded from silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • You can make 6 Abominable Ice men at once
  • Packed in a clear peggable recyclable display box
  • 7.3 x .75 x 6.25