Sand Free Mat

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Hot 200X150cm Sand Free Mat Camping Mat Outdoor Foldable Picnic Mattress Beach Mat PVC Beach Cushion Outdoor Sports Accessaries


200 * 150 cm   200cm*200cm

Material: PVC

Color: Green / Blue / pink


moistur, oversized volume, color, delicate, suitable for family dinners, foldable into a bag shape, easy to carry.

Camping can use as a moisture-proof pad, laying on the lawn or on the beach, waterproof, moisture, sand, and food and clothing to keep clean,

but also to prevent the invasion of pests and other harmful bacteria, durable, travel and leisure activities is a good companion, the essential thing to go out to reveal casual meal! we advocate to let more people go outdoors .

It is PVC material, and this material is not so soft as cotton material, Please kindly noted.


Package content:

1pcs beach mat


Please note: if the sand is wet, this mat will not work.

  1. Keep the sand out of your those pesky body crevices with this giant beach mat that absorbs sand.

  1. It was originally designed to prevent dust and debris from kicking-up while landing a helicopter in sandy areas.
  2. The sand-free beach mat has a dual layer mesh technology that makes any sand that falls on it disappear.

  1. Easily cleaned and dries instantly should drinks be spilt.
  2. UV Stabilized prevents fading.

Available Sizes:

150 x 120 cm

200 x 150 cm

200 x 200 cm