Rainbow High Speed Cyclone Spinner

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Rainbow High Speed Cyclone Fidget Spinner Gyro - 6.6*6.6*1.5cm

  • Color: COLORFUL
  • Size: 6.6*6.6*1.5CM
  • Category: HOME > Novelty Gadgets > Finger Spinner

-Great for fidgety hands ,a good choice for killing time
-Great for ADD and ADHD sufferers ,help relieve stress
-Perfect size suitable for adults and kids
-Easy to carry,small,simple and Fun,also effective for focus and deep thought
-Use fidget spinner toy to help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling and leg bouncing
-And also help to increase focus and attention
Products Type: Fidget Spinner 
Theme: Funny 
Frame material: Zinc Alloy 
Features: Creative Toy 
Shape/Pattern: Wheel 
Weight: 0.1100kg 
Package Contents: 1 x Fidget Spinner