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Polaryte HD Polarized Sunglasses are the new gold standard for high definition vision. Forget those cheap sunglasses at home and enjoy these stylish, high-quality shades. Watch as flowers become warmer and the sky bluer with exclusive diamond vision technology. With 100 percent UV protection, Polaryte HD is specially designed to cut glare and give you optimal clarity, color, and contrast. Polaryte HD Polarized Sunglasses are constructed with comfort in mind; the ultralight, ergonomic frame is designed to achieve the perfect fit, no matter the face type. These sunglasses were built for both fashion and function; the lenses and frames are highly durable and can withstand any impact without suffering any bending or scratches. When you're not wearing them you can use the convenient embedded magnets to securely clip your sunglasses on your shirt, bikini, golf bag, or even purse. With Polaryte HD Sunglasses you'll see the world in a whole new way while looking good and staying protected.

Features & details

  • HIGH DEFINITION SUNGLASSES: Polaryte HD Polarized Sunglasses contain a special filter that reduces glare offering true high definition vision. Our diamond vision technology brightens and enhances the world around you providing perfect clarity, color, and contrast.
  • UV PROTECTION: Polaryte HD Sunglasses offer 100 percent protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL: Sleekly and ergonomically designed, these glasses flatter any face shape and are made for both men and women. Constructed of durable high-grade plastic, these glasses are virtually indestructible and can withstand any impact without bending or scratching.
  • BUILT-IN MAGNETIC CLIPS: Polaryte HD Sunglasses are embedded with magnets in the stems of the glasses. Clip them onto your shirt, purse, golf bag or bathing suit and they lock shut.
  • HARD CASE AND CLEANING CLOTH INCLUDED: Further protect your glasses by storing them in the included deluxe hard case and remove fingerprints and smudges using the microfiber cleaning cloth to further enhance your HD experience.