NewBring Protek

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Thieves are getting much smarter with identification theft.
RFID scanners get valuable card information even without physical contact.
To outsmart these thieves get the NewBring Protek!

  • This is an aluminium card holder that protects you from identity theft.
  • It's designed to hold up to a dozen cards.
  • The NBR bands that keep the two aluminium plates together are highly resistant to deformity, so it holds 1 card as tightly as it holds 12.
  • The NewBring Protek comes in cool black and elegant grey. Choose one that fits your style.

Get your NewBring Protek here and never worry about credit card fraud ever again!

Item Length: 9.8cm
Main Material: metallic
Item Width: 6.5cm
Material Composition: aviation aluminum alloy
Please note before placing an order: A total of four options, two colors, two versions