Lens Self Stirring Mug

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300ML Camera Lens Self Stirring Mug

Now, your favorite Camera Lens Mug combines style and functionality. Introducing the Camera Self Stirring Mug that does all the hard work for you. At the press of a button, it automatically stirs whilst you take a shot of your favourite beverage; no need to grab a teaspoon and stir anymore! This mug has a self-stirring mechanism in the base, which will whip your drink like a whirlwind at the push of a button. It’s the ultimate idle drinking accessory! Perfect for the lazy tea or coffee lovers. This makes a great gift for the photography enthusiasts. Great as gifts or souvenirs.

  • Camera Lens Shaped Self Stirring Mug
  • Stainless steel interior, hardened plastic exterior
  • Powered with 2AAA battery (not included)
  • Volume ~300ml
  • Measures 6" (H) and 3" (d)
  • Easy to clean and maintain