LDNIO A8101 Pretty Awesome Desktop Charger!

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LDNIO is a cool desktop charger that has support for 8 devices by having 8 ports! This is perfect for a guy like me with over 200 phones! This is also a great device if you are someone who has many devices in your home that need a charge for various reasons. For example: MP3 players, iPads, Smartphones, Other USB devices and more.

This device is using QuickCharge 3.0 with 50W and you can select between EU or US plug adaptor. It has a premium design that reminds me about a LG fridge! The voltage capacity is 100-240V.

You get a LED light at the top of The Gadget and CNC material around it and ABS shell. You get one Quick Charge 3.0 port with 3.0A and then three 2.0A ports!

This is a safe gadget because it has a 6 safety protection steps: Battery-free, Overheat prevention, Anti-surge protection, Overload protection, Over-current protection and Flame retardant protection!

It also comes with metal shell top with ripple pattern that is shiny like ASUS ZenFone 3! It’s only available in just 1 colour sadly only grey. Which a lot of humans will find to be a bit boring! Red and Green I would love to see. Just because the green colour usually symbolise a battery!

I love how on LDNIO there is only 4 ports on each side this will make it easier to not confuse your cables and devices. If all 8 ports been on 1 side then it would have created a mess! Do you like this design or do you think it’s missing something? Obviously not all ports will charge in the same speed. I would love to see one with all ports being super fast and maybe make the device a little slimmer in size.