ipega PG-9025

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IPEGA PG-9025 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Controller Joystick for Android - White or Black

  • Precision Control: The feel, shape, and sensitivity
  • Wireless Bluetooth game controller which supports different android/ PC games.
  • Connect to your smartphone without any drivers needed.
  • Supports the vast majority of games in App store such as, Gunman Clive, Helium Boy, League of Evil League of Evil 2, Muffin Knight Free Stardash, Temple the Run, and so on. Also supports games on the Android such as, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC simulator, Shadow gun, Riptide GP, etc.
  • Exclusive iPega game lobby only for Android.
  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth 3.0, control range up to 6~8 meters.
  • Built-in lithium battery (380mAh), after charging, it can be sustainable for 20 hours, safe and stable.
  • With the telescopic stand/holder, mobile phone/tablets is safely and securely placed within the stand/holder (supports 6 inch devices).
  • Exclusive gaming application platform, the classic hand travel under control.
  • User-friendly software is designed to enter power saving mode when there is no connection.
  • Supports android 3.2 and above systems.