Home Spa - Pedicure Set

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Tired of putting yourself into unimaginable positions to reach your toes? The Home Spa - Pedicure Set puts your foot into the perfect position to do your own pedicure at home safely and comfortably.

Home Spa - Pedicure Set can be used on any hard surface (a bench, chair or even the floor). Simply sit on a folded towel placed on the back portion of the Steady Pedicure Set to stabilize the footpad. Home Spa - Pedicure Setcan also be used underneath the cushion on your chair or couch. Be sure to push it all the way into the “Insert Here” line. This positions the foot perfectly for a comfortable pedicure.

  • Compartments on either side of the footpad are perfect for storing your pedicure tools like clippers, files, and cuticle pushers or even your favorite color of polish
  • The pull-out tray in front will catch any errant polish drips or clippings
  • Includes a super bright LED task light to brighten up your toes

Package includes:

LED task lights
1 x Home Spa - Pedicure Set