Heng Balance Lamp

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The award-winning LED Magic Lamp is controlled in a very unique way — with two magnetic balls that levitate in the center of the frame. When you bring the balls together, they remain suspended in mid-air, and the LED lighting element in the frame illuminates. Separate the magnetic balls to turn the lamp off. Place it in any apartment, home office, school, etc. for an ultramodern conversation piece. LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours, and never have to be changed.

LED Magic Lamp

The new LED Magic Lamp has an award-winning design with genuine magnetic attraction.


• A Sharper Image exclusive

• Unique accent light for home or office

• Magnetic on/off “switch” — lift up the lower ball to pair it with the upper ball. When the two balls are suspended together in mid-air, the lamp illuminates to provide warm white LED light

• 2 magnets (10mm x 10mm, N35 strength)

• LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of use, and never need changing

• 60" power cord

• Plugs into a USB port

• Can also be plugged into an AC outlet with adapter (adapter not included)