Foot Brush

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Achieve an incredible foot spa treatment right from the comfortability of your own home with the Aurora AW206. The foot brush scrubber works to scrub away dead skin while gently exfoliating your skin while in the shower. Combine your favorite soaps with the massager to get a deeper clean while relaxing in your shower or bathtub. Watch as the long high quality bristles scrub in between your toes to remove any dirt or bacteria while soothing your tired feet.

  • SUCTION CUPS FOR ADDED SAFETY: This spa product does not slip around in the shower. Simply place the compact foot scrubber on your shower floor and firmly push down on the pads to secure the spa scrubber in place. Whether you are brushing your foot against the bristles gently or more aggressively, the spa and foot scrub will stay in place.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Pamper your toes as you brush them along the thick, durable bristles. No need to risk slipping in the shower or hurting your back trying to bend down and clean your toes anymore because the personal grooming tool will lay flat on the shower floor ready for hassle free use. The bristles provide a deep and thorough cleaning of the feet and in between toes while massaging tired achy feet. After cleaning your toes, simply wash the scrubber and hang up to dry.

  • CUSTOM CLEANING FOR ANY TYPE OF FOOT: Your feet will love you! This callus remover redefines foot scrubbing for any person trying to achieve more beautiful and healthy looking feet. High quality bristles withstand many feet problems while improving and stimulating blood flow and circulation. Just relax and scrub your stress and ailments away.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 0.8L x 14L x 4.5W x 13H inches