Flying Hover Ball "HOCKEY" 🏒🥅
Flying Hover Ball "HOCKEY" 🏒🥅
Flying Hover Ball "HOCKEY" 🏒🥅

Flying Hover Ball "HOCKEY" 🏒🥅

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Product details of Flying Hover Ball Table Ice Hockey Puck Mini Children Air Hockey Indoor Room Entertaining Games - intl

Production description

Give boredom the deep freeze with table-top air ice hockey ;

no complicated tactics or brain-bamboozling rules to understand -with air flow ice hockey its shoot-on sight power plays form the get go,;

A contimuous thin player of air keeps the puck afloat for super fast action-concentration and lightening reflexes are the name of this game;

hold knockout compeitition and test you nerve in sudden death shoot-out puck pushing arcade style air hockey in your owen front room

Name: Flying hover ball air hockey

Weight: 0.24 kg/set

Box size:17x7x19 cm

Package include:

1* flying hover ball

2* hover paddle

2* goal net