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Finishing Touch Elite is an ergonomic portable hair trimmer and eyebrow styler that's perfect for trimming even the finest hairs anywhere on your body, including your bikini line. It's designed for precision hair removal pain-free. With a pivoting head and even a light-up tip to remove hard-to-see stray hairs, it's ideal for helping you remove even the finest hair and its sleek design is perfect for carrying in your bag easily and discreetly.

Micro-blade technology for super-sensitive skin areas

The incredible vibrating head on Finishing Touch Elite is specially designed using micro-blade technology to safely remove hair right to the skin, trimming as close as a blade, but with no chances of cutting, nicking or irritating your skin. Use it on the most sensitive areas, head to toe. From your bikini line to your upper lip, chin, even your ears and nose.

Pivoting head with a built-in light

Finishing Touch Elite has a pivoting head for all kinds of hair removal, anywhere on your body. Because it pivots it can maintain the optimum angle for the contours of your body and your facial features, and the built-in light reveals the finest hairs so you can trim in poor light conditions and never miss a single stray hair.

Eyebrow combs and absolute portability for total trimming, anywhere

The micro-technology blades come with two comb attachments for trimming eyebrows and other areas to a set, even length. Simply choose the length you need and brush them along your eyebrows with confidence, knowing that only those stray hairs that are sticking out or too long will be trimmed. And, thanks to the slim, pocket-sized design and battery operation, you can slip Finishing Touch Elite into any size of handbag, purse or pocket to take it wherever you go.
  • Size:
    13.5cm x 1.5cm (incl. lid)
  • Colour:
  • Batteries:
    1 x AAA Battery (included)
  • Set includes:
    1 x Finishing Touch Elite, 2 x Trimming Combs, 1 x Cleaning brush