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The iTour 20 speaker is the latest in high quality portable audio. Not much larger than a golf ball, the iTour 20 is compact and convenient but expands to become musical towers that produce a richness and depth of sound that is unparalleled. You can even link iTour 20s together to create a complete wall of sound.

Just plug your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player in with the 3.5mm jack, press play and let the music blow you away! Once you have finished listening to your music, simply fold the iTour down and pop it in your pocket to take with you. A standard battery charge lasts for 5-6 hours so you can keep the music playing whilst an LED power indicator will notify you when the iTour needs charging.


  • High quality portable audio for your mp3 player or mobile phone that produces an incredible sound
  • Incredibly compact, the iTour 20 is just bigger than a golf ball so easy to take anywhere
  • Lasts for up to 5 or 6 hours on one charge