Cool Mama

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  • Keeps your fridge refreshed
  • Deodorises your fridge with baking soda/powder
  • Absorbs odours caused by moisture molecules escaping from food
  • In-built calendar
  • Food safe, chemical-free
  • Works for a month at a time
  • Great gift for anyone with a fridge!

Cool Mama is the great, fun way to keep strong smells and bad odours from tainting the contents of your fridge, using everyday baking soda or powder.

No matter how hard you try, your fridge can be a source of some pretty strong smells. Whether it’s garlic, mature cheese, onions, fish or even forgotten things at the back of the veggie drawer. There’s nothing worse than opening your fridge door, in search of fresh delicious food, and being greeted by more than just the light coming on, as powerful odours waft in your face and spoil your appetite.

Cool Mama can put an end to wafting wiffs and put-you-off pongs.

Designed to be fun, easy to use and effective, she will stand guard on any shelf of your fridge, deodorising it and neutralising those nasty niffs from the inside, before they get a chance to escape.

Using the moisture-attracting qualities of simple baking soda or powder, Cool Mama will last a whole month before she needs refreshing herself.

And, because she knows how busy you are, she even has a built-in calendar right there on her apron, to remind you when the month is up! 

Just fill her head with baking powder or soda, set the date on her apron, and leave on a shelf in the fridge her to teach those lingering smells a lesson!

Cool Mama makes a great gift for anyone with a fridge and, as she’s dishwasher safe and easy to use, there isn’t a fridge-fright she can’t handle. So if you want to put fridge smells in their place, put Cool Mama on the case!