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Calf & Half Glass Cream

This hilarious double-walled milk/cream jug has a second chamber inside that's shaped to look like the udder of a cow. Guaranteed to cheer up your breakfast table.

At first sight this ingenious container looks just like an ordinary glass jug. But we suggest you look closer - you can see an inner chamber that's shaped to look like the udder of a cow. The jug is hand-crafted from a double walled glass and is shipped in a nice gift box. The Calf & Half Glass Jug can hold 150ml of milk or cream, so it's ideal for coffee parties of afternoon tea servings.

The Calf & Half Glass Jug makes your mood go up the instant you lay eyes on it - udders are always funny, whatever way you look at them. It doesn't just remind you of where the milk comes from, but is a really good bribe for anybody that drinks milk.
  • Made of glass
  • Perfect for tea or cake parties
  • Milk not included
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 10cm