Bungee Cord

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XHL Art Arrival Bungee Cord Workout Fitness Aerial Anti-gravity Yoga Resistance Band Home Gym Equipment

It’s great for Fitness training. 
It's Great for Yoga, Pilates, soccer, MMA, Fencing, Swimmer,footballer and basketball player

It come without ceiling mount. However the Extension Strap (Daisy chain) could be used to mount to a round pipe or beam in the house or Outdoor. Great for Solo or Partner training Sport.

The item size and comes with:
The length of the Bungee Cords: 110cm 
The length of the daisy chain: 105cm (there are two daisy chains included)
Two already installed carabiners
Handle Weight 110 KG
Delivery included: 
1* Bungee Cord
3* daisy chains
3* carabiners(2 of them already installed)
1* safe Belts( Protect Leg Waist Wider Safe Seat Belts)
1* Swivel(Rotational Device )(Can be rotated 360°)