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Gunner Spinner Fidget Toy

Looking for a spinner that is a unique conversation piece? You just found it! The Gunner is everything that you need in the Spin Life.

Now I know what you are thinking. This spinner looks awesome but how is the spin time? An impressive 6+ minute spin time right out of the box! BOOM BABY BOOM!


Spinner Details:

  • Body is made of Aluminum 
  • Removable German made 13 ball Steel bearing providing long and smooth spins, and long-lasting durability.
  • Removable caps have a concave design (curved inward) that allows for easy and secure grip.

    How to Use:

    SPIN IT: Hold between the thumb and middle finger, then spin with the index finger. Or hold in one hand and stop/start it with the other hand. Or place on  a flat, level surface, hold center cap down with finger of one hand, and give the spinner your best flick with a finger of the other hand. Fidget however you see fit!

    SPIN TIMES will vary by person, but spins of 4 minutes and up are common if you place on a flat, level surface and give the spinner your best flick!