Brazilian Secret

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The Brazilian Secret sexy lingerie will help enhance your buttocks and turn heads.

This body-shaping undergarment is designed to help lift and firm your glutes while at the same time adding a whole inch of volume.

Made from very soft and preformed microfiber, the Brazilian Secret lingerie will highlight the contour of your bottom in a very natural way that is sexy and attractive while at the same time elegant and comfortable.

Enhance the sensuality of your buttocks quickly and easily with the Brazilian Secret body shaping undergarments.

Product Features

  • Helps lift and firm your glutes
  • Reshapes your body and enhances sensuality
  • Adds up to 1 inch of volume to your buttocks
  • Highlights the contour of your buttocks without sacrificing style, elegance or comfort.
  • Product Benefits:

Discreet and seamless
Made with soft microfiber that is comfortable to wear

  • Anatomical design will enhance your buttocks with a natural look
  • Includes side adjustable straps
  • Can be worn with or without clothing and looks great!
Brazilian Secret