Block Tape for LEGO

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Change any surface at all into one on which your building blocks will stick. With Block Tape, you can build around corners and rounded surfaces - the self-adhesive bumpy tape will take any shape you choose! Block Tape is compatible with Lego, Mega Bloks, Pixelblocks and similar building blocks!

A small strip of tape with small bumps might not sound so revolutionary, but you have no idea how much more fun your block building will be when you use Block Tape! This tape will turn any surface into a building area, thanks to its self-adhesive rear side! Perfect no matter whether your the type that lets your flock of block dinosaurs climb straight up the table leg, or if you want to show off your carefully constructed special-edition spaceship in the best spot on the book shelf.

Block Tape is made of flexible silicone, which makes it malleable so you can build around corners or on arched surfaces! The tape has two rows with bumps that attach to your blocks and can be clipped to the desired length. Block Tape simply takes your creativity and your block-building to a new level!


Why not transform your refrigerator door into a collection point for your coolest characters or create waves for the pirate ship you just built?

Details about your Block Tape

  • Attach your building blocks to any surface at all with the help of this bumpy tape!
  • Choose from among a number of colours!
  • Fun for big and small block builders alike!
  • Flexible and malleable - build around corners and on rounded surfaces!
  • Self-adhesive rear side
  • Dimensions: 100 cm long, 1.6 cm wide (two rows with bumps)
  • Has markings after every fourth bump (equivalent to a 2 x 4 block)
  • Can be cut to the desired length
  • Material: silicone
  • Compatible with Lego, Mega Bloks, Pixelblocks and similar building blocks
  • Please note that blocks are not included!