AZDENT Rechargeable Toothbrush +4pc Brush Heads

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Charging time: 12 hours(first time)
Motor speed:14000 rpm
Bristles Shock swing:31000 times/min
Whole machine water proof
Toothbrush head Material: 3 DuPont nylon toothbrush heads
Power supply: wireless inductive charging
High frequency acoustic wave vibration
The high frequency acoustic wave vibration 31000 times/men,
can obviously remove tooth stain very well (tea, cigarette),achieve whitening effect!
Working time
Full electric battery can work continuously for 3 months
Toothbrush cleaning
The whole machine is waterproof design.After brushing your teeth,flush with water to wash head.
Ultra-low mute
The sound is very quiet,not noise.
Acoustic technology
Can clean area that manual toothbrush is hard to reach, cleaning effect
is six times more than manual toothbrush.
Package include:
1 sonic electric toothbrush handle
4 toothbrush heads
1 wireless inductive charger