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180 degrees Rotatable Desk Adjustable Computer Armrest Wrist

brings a new level of experience to home users as well as professionals who use a computer mouse for extended periods of time.

The design concept is simple:

  • supporting the forearm
  • maximizing the surface area
  • versatile attachment system

Integrating this product with your desk and computer not only reduces the risk of injuries associated with mouse use, it provides a better, more pleasant working experience. This is due to the thoughtful construction of Restman. The surface was designed to form a single continuous plane which strongly reduces localized pressure on the wrist and virtually eliminates the constant strain on muscles and tendons in the neck, shoulders and arms.

The surface pad of Restman also functions as a mouse pad.

The Restman 1 offers great comfort and an uninterrupted workflow due to seamless switching between mouse and keyboard.

Another great design feature of Restman is a versatile double attachment system.

It can be attached to either a computer desktop or the armrest of your chair to accommodate various work spaces. Both options provide a more natural location for the mouse and encourage a relaxing sitting position. The Restman will be truly appreciated by those who extensively use mouse applications no matter what your computer applications are.

Get yourself Restman and enjoy the comfort!

Restman special features:

  • Includes desk and chair attachment hardware
  • Attaches to desktops up to 5 cm (2 in) thick
  • Attaches to chair armrests up to 8 cm (3 in) wide and 5 cm (2 in) thick
  • Base and attachments made of strong ABS plastic
  • Extended pad for a comfortable work and support surface for use with mouse
  • Adaptable for right or left handed users
  • No assembly tools required

The maximum dimensions of the pad are: A -20cm, B – 45cm, C -14cm, which is sufficient for most mouse applications.