3 Magic Vision Glasses

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  • Polarized blue mirrored lens blocks out harmful UV in daytime sun
  • Amber lens reduces blinding glare at night or increases definition on days with less sunlight
  • Electro Clear lens makes any electronic screen easier to read, indoors or out
  • Powerful magnetic frames hold lenses firmly in place
  • Easily change lenses with a snap
  • No clips or holders, just super strong magnets

Magna Optix are perfect for activities on the brightest sunny days. The polarized lenses block harmful UV rays and make it easy for you to see. It's also your solution for driving in lower light and and even at night! The amber lenses boost definition while cutting flares and glares from nighttime lights.

When you order today, your Magna Optixglasses will also come upgraded with Electro Clear lenses which makes electronic screens on phones and tablets easier to read!