Beauty Bright

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Instant Vanity Lighting For Flawless Makeup Every Time

It's Like Having Your Own Private Beauty Bar.

So You'll Always Look Picture Perfect.

  • TrueLight LEDs simulate natural sunlight for flawless, color correct cosmetic application
  • Adjustable brightness setting to have the right light for you
  • 2 stay-tight suction cups to hold it securely in place
  • Easy to attach at the perfect height for you
  • Extra-long cable for easy access to power outlets
  • Sleek brushed aluminum design is shatter-resistant

Easy To Install

Step 1:

Attach Suction Cup Mounts.


Step 2:

Attach Beauty Bright to Mirror & Plug In.


Step 3:

Turn On For Instant Vanity Lighting.


Beauty Bright is Great for All This & More

Tweezing Your Eyebrows

Putting on Mascara and Eye Shadow

Blend and Contour to Perfection

Even Great for Putting on Jewelry