Promise Bottle Humidifier

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Features & details

  • ✔【High-capacity humidifier】: 500ML, this default humidifier set 8 hours humidification automatically close. It effectively increase air humidity and nourishes skin. Adding few drops of rose essential oil, it brings fresh scent and helps to keep good feeling.
  • ✔【USB Powered】: Use with car adapter, laptop or socket. 3.03*3.03*5.98in, you can use this cute humidifier in vehicle/office/ home. This portable humidifier 35 degree oblique spray design, 320ml large capacity fog 10-20 hours
  • ✔【Please Note 】:Please add water before using, and do not use humidification function in case of water shortage. This product can be added with a small amount of essence. It is recommended to use water-based aromatherapy water. No oily essential oil can be added to avoid oil blocking the function of atomizer.
  • ✔【Easier to Fill & Clean】:This product is equipped with automatic power outage function. When the time is up, the product will stop spraying automatically. If you need to continue using it, please observe the water tank first.And then press the function key to start.
  • ✔【Doubles as Aromatherapy Diffuser】: When cleaning products, please do not rinse directly with faucets and avoid short circuits. It is suggested that you use soft cotton cloth to wipe them. This product can not be used alone for children under 10 years of age.