Phone Pillow Stand
Phone Pillow Stand
Phone Pillow Stand
Phone Pillow Stand

Phone Pillow Stand

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Flippy is a super functional stand that is more like a comfortable pillow than a piece of hardware. Flippy has three different reading angles and does the work of supporting your device while you relax, no matter what position you’re in. Just flip to the reading angle you need while you stay in place. Super lightweight yet sturdy, Flippy is convenient for folks of all ages.


Key Product Features:


  • 3 viewing angles
  • Soft, sturdy, and lightweight
  • Plush soft exterior that you may wipe off with a damp cloth to clean.
  • Compatible with most tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and reading materials.



Household Activities!

Flippy can accompany you during your chores, cleaning tasks, while you're cooking, and even when all you want to do is relax at home!



Learning Fun!

Flippy will help you hold your books, notes, illustrations, sheet music, you name it! Flippy has three sides to fit your needs.



On the Go!

Flipy is great for travel as it sits comfortably on any lap. With the convenience of being able to grab it and go, Flipy allows you to make road trips more fun!



Flippy is the Ultimate Tablet Pillow. Designed by an optical engineer to provide 3 different optically superior viewing angles this patented and 'revolutionary' pillow will accommodate most eReaders, iPads and tablet computers. 3 more ways to love your Flippy.