Moon Lamp Humidifier 🌝

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1. Mysterious moon design, finely crafted
2. Not only a night light or a humidifier
3. Touch probe can be three-tone light
4. Large capacity water tank 880ml, always moisturizing
5. Environmental protection division degradation materials, solid wood base production
6. Multi-functional multi-scene application, wide practicality
Material: pvc
Diameter: 13cm
Capacity: 880ml
Material: pvc electronic components
Charging input: DC5V/1A
Charging port: USB/DC2.5
Battery capacity: 3.7V/240MAH
Charging time: 3 hours
Length of use: 8 hours
Color changing:warm light, white, yellow
1.The voltage is DC-5V. Please make sure the power supply is 5V DC
2.Please keep the water tank clean, dry the water rod after unpluging the power.
3.The proposed use of purified water, generally do not recommend adding flavor.
4.This product is not suitable for children alone.Do not use this product for a long time.
5.If different sound or water mist was significantly smaller, please shut down after the water tank to re-irrigation.
6.Please clean water tank at least once a month. Remember not to put the machine into the water while cleaning and remember not to touch the atomization chip.