Electronic Fly Catcher

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Looking for  the answer to How to get rid of house flies?

The Automatic Fly Catcher is the best way to rid  yourself of flies once and for all.

This Fully Automatic Fly Catcher will do all the work for you and rid you of flies.

Introducing a fully automated system to eliminate flies.

 Lures and Traps Flies Fast and Simply

Great for both indoor and outdoor use

Quiet Sweeping Arms

Easy to Cleanup


Safe Non Toxic

Toss that old Fly Swatter! 

We have a better solution


How does the Automatic Fly Trapper Work?

Flies are lured to unit where they will be swept under the rotating arm.

After the flies are  captured by the rotating head they are dropped into the repository below.


Two Types of Power Sources to Choose from USB or US plug.

USB Allows it to be fully transportable. Just plug into a power bank or source.

Great for your Backyard, Camping, Beach and more.

Don't let annoying flies bother you or your family anymore.

Get the Automatic Fly Catcher and Enjoy a Fly Free Zone.

rotating fly catcher